Human Diseases caused by Arthropod Parasites

Because this article was initially written as an educational aid on different types of human parasites, not as a place for people to tell their medical problems regarding parasite infestation, commenting has been closed.

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  1. Mosquitoes
    • Anopheles
      Malaria, Malignant Malaria, Viral Encephalitis, Wuchereria Bancrofti & Malayi
    • Culex
      Bird Malaria, Viral Encephalitis, Rift Valley fever (headache, swelling), Wuchereria Bancrofti
    • Aedes
      Yellow (jaundice), Dengue (bone & joint pain), Rift Valley fevers.
  2. Sandfly
    All types of Leishmaniasis, Carrion’s disease (anemia, skin nodules), Sandfly fever, Harrara (severe allergic R to bite).
  3. Simulidae
    Onchocerciasis, Presbydermis, Hang Groin
  4. Culicoides (Ceratopogonidae)
    M. Ozzardi & Perstans –> Filariasis
  5. Chrysops
    Loa Loa –> Loaisis
  6. Musca Domestica
    Typhoid, Poliomyelitis, Bacillary dysentry, Accidental Myiasis
  7. Stomoxys
    Trypanosomes, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Malaria, Accidental Myiasis
  8. Glossina (Tse Tse)
    Human Sleep Sickness (Acute or Chronic)
  9. Calliphoridae Family (Calliphora, Lucilia, Chrysomia, Sacrophaga, Wohlfartia)
    Semi-specific Myiasis
  10. Oesteridae
    Specific kinds of Myiasis
  11. Lice (Anoplura)
    • Pediculus (Capitis & Corporis)
      Vagamond’s dse (dermatitis, hyperpigmentation), Typhus, Rickettsia, Trench & Epidemic Relapsing fevers.
    • Phthirius Pubis
      Vagabond’s dse, itching, Eye-lid inflammation
  12. Bed Bugs (Cimex)
    Hepatitis B Virus (alleged), Biting at night –> nervousness & insomnia
  13. Winged Bugs (Reduvida)
    Chaga’s dse (by T. Cruzi)
  14. Fleas
    Plague (by Ant. station), Typhus Rickettsia (by Post. station), H. Nana & Diminuta (through Rat), D. Caninum (through Dog/Cat), Chigger’s dse (nodular swelling, ulceration, 2ry bacteria infection), Dermatitis (due to biting)
  15. Ticks
    • Generally
      Tick Paralysis, Tick Dermatosis
    • Hard Ticks
      a. Fevers –> Q, Rocky Mountain Spotted, African Tick, Colorado Tick, Hemorrhagic, Viral Meningoencephalitis
      b. Lyme dse, Tuleramia, Babesiosis
    • Soft Ticks
      Fevers –> Q, Endemic Relapsing
  16. Mites
    • Itch Mite (Scabei)
      Scabies (vesicles, scratching, 2ry B. infection)
    • Hair Follicle Mite (D. Follicrum)
      Acne, Black Heads, Blepharitis
    • Red Mite (T. Akamushi)
      Dermatitis, Rash, Punched-out Ulcer
    • House Dust Mites
      Dermatitis, Bronchial Asthma, Rhinitis, Conjunctival Itching
    • Storage Mites
      Dermatitis, Digestive & Respiratory Symptoms, Conjunctival Itching
  17. Scorpion
    Paralysis, Convulsions, Shock, Edema, Myocardium, Local (severe pain, itching, numbness)
  18. Cyclops
    Diphyllobothrium Latum/Mansoni, Medina Worm

54 thoughts on “Human Diseases caused by Arthropod Parasites

  1. Sadly, we have to know all this and more in our med school. But thankfully, parasitology doesn’t constitute a big content in the USMLE exam. May be this page has most of the high-yield questions of it.

  2. We had to know all this stuff in my med school too–I think it’s probably just standard.

    Have you learned about cysticercosis yet? Or filariasis (sp?)? I think of all the worms, cysticercosis is the one that grosses me out the most.

    Dr. W

  3. An inflammation of the skin. Itching and redness of the skin are the basic symptoms of dermatitis, which has a variety of causes, including allergy and exposure of the skin to irritants, such as chemical or sunlight. Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a chronic, itching inflammation.

  4. Taya,
    I have experienced the exact same symptoms and also have been dismissed by doctors. I am so sick of having doctors tell me that I must be imagining it because they have never heard of those symptoms before. They also look at me like I am crazy. Those idiots are so arrogant they figure if they haven’t heard of it, it must not exist. I have spent hundreds of dollars seeing the doctor and I have lost half of my hair and it is not stopping. Have you heard back from anyone about what you may be happening? I am so afraid and I am thinking of starting Rogaine for women or something…have you tried anything that has worked at all? Also are you on any kind of medication for other things that may cause the hairloss. I am thinking mine may be related to medication or allergies…do you experience allergies?

  5. I feel so sorry about you, Taya and Mary.

    I also feel how annoying and frustrating for a patient to be ignored/made fun of by his/her doctor.

    Unfortunately, I have nothing to help you with in terms to your hair problems, but I’m quite sure there are medical centers who would take care of you and listen to what you say. Just try to search for well-known medical centers, and try to avoid the very popular personal clinics; they usually have massive amounts of patients, and just care about the money they take. Maybe I’m wrong though.

    Good Luck

  6. You both sound as if you have a form of rickettsia. Contact Dr.Jardin in Johannesburg South Africa – she is the world expert and can help you. The treatment is very large doses of certain anti-biotic drugs to kill the parasites which cause the condition. Good luck.

  7. I just saw a television show where a teen had been complaining of itching. The doctor initially told ehr it was in her head, then the father, looking at her scalp, saw bubbles coming from her head. It was found that pressing on the sides of the bump forces the parasite out where it can be grabbed with forceps.

    This was an “ER show.

  8. I’ve had acne for decades. I was so red and scarred, you’d think that World War II got fought on my face. Nothing helped more than a little. One product I tried gave me rashes that actually managed to make me look worse. I was resigned to having ugly skin until my friend said to try Acnezine. It was unbelievable! After all these years, my acne has cleared up, and even the scars are starting to look better.

  9. Hi, I’m trying to figure out what has been biting me, or what is going on with my skin. I thought it was scabies at first. But I did all the treatments a couple months ago, and it seemed to disappear for a little while. But now, I still notice a small raised bite here and there, and at times even puffy lines on my skin. Has anyone ever seen anything like this–raised lines–like puffed-up scratches on the skin? Thanks

  10. Mary, I do know what you’re going through. For the past year and a half, my partner and I have had similar facial/scalp outbreaks as you described. It’s absolutely unsetting to experience these symptoms and not have a single doctor/dermatologist have an inkling of what it could be. We’ve been told to keep our faces washed, use a prescribed topical gel (clindamyacin), and absolutely not touch the abnormal-looking pustules. A culture was done on the pustule and it came back with results of ordinary bacteria. I can assure you it’s not ordinary. We were even given Lamisil in case there was a fungal infection of the beard-face (Tinea Barbae). That was 6 months ago. Nothing has worked, about every two weeks the outbreaks erupt, followed by about a week of clearing up. Then the cycle starts again. About a month ago we purchased a high-end microscope with digital camera capabilites and took pictures of various facial hair samples. The results were shocking! The photos show, without a doubt, some sort of parasitic infection, yet upon producing the pictures to a dermatologist, he simply dismissed them. Told me he didn’t know what he was looking at and gave me another prescription for clindamyacin. Now, mind you, we live in New York City and I am truly shocked at the lack of knowledge any of the doctors/dermatoligists have on parasitic infections. Only one doctor out of 7 has told us that the photos show something is going on with our hair follicules, but he has no idea of what it could be. Based on internet reseach we thought it could be some sort of roundworm, pinworm, or tapeworm infection with symptoms of cutaneous larva migrans. This doctor was willing to go with that notion and prescribed Vermox because it’s a relatively benign drug to humans. We’ve fulfilled two dose treatments and nothing has changed. Reading your post about your symptoms after camping made me realize that we also had an outdoors experience in upstate NY right before we started having the scalp infection. We stayed at a cabin out in the woods. The bugs were terrible: horseflies and mosquitos especially. We both had been bitten by them pretty much all over. I hadn’t thought about chiggers, but having just looked up info on chiggers and parasitic infections online, I can see this being a strong possiblity. I don’t know if symptoms will show differently between men and women. I’m 37 and my partner’s 32. Neither of us have had bouts with acne/pustules/folliculitis before, until this infection happened. We’re tackling it as best we can, but it does effect your daily life, self esteem, and just completely wears you down. But, as I said, only one doctor out of seven has given us a hope by agreeing that these symptoms and the microscope photos clearly show some sort of infection. He just doesn’t know what it is. We’re going to see a derma-pathologist fairly soon. Perhaps you may want to seek one out as well. In the meantime, we’ve posted pictures of the contaminated hair samples on a website, if you’d like to take a look. Truly freaky looking samples, though. Definitely something parasitic has overtaken/replaced what was normal hair. Here’s the link to the photos:

    Best of luck in finding the right doctor who can help you, and don’t let them tell you you’re crazy because of their ignorance on parasitic infections. No one knows your body better than you, and what’s happening to it isn’t going to just go away on it’s own. Definitely do all you can to find a doctor who will culture it and consider all the diagnosis possiblities.


  11. Raised puffy lines on the skin don’t necessarily point out to Scabies.

    According to Wikipedia:

    Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis:

    A delayed hypersensitivity (allergic) response resulting in a papular eruption (red, elevated area on skin) often occurs 30-40 days after infestation. While there may be hundreds of papules, fewer than 10 burrows are typically found. The burrow appears as a fine, wavy and slightly scaly line a few millimeters to one centimeter long. A tiny mite (0.3 to 0.4 mm) may sometimes be seen at the end of the burrow. Most burrows occur in the webs of fingers, flexing surfaces of the wrists, around elbows and armpits, the areolae of the breasts in females and on genitals of males, along the belt line, and on the lower buttocks. The face usually does not become involved in adults.

    The rash may become secondarily infected; scratching the rash may break the skin and make secondary infection more likely. In persons with severely reduced immunity, such as those with HIV infection, or people being treated with immunosuppressive drugs like steroids, a widespread rash with thick scaling may result. This variety of scabies is called Norwegian scabies.

    Scabies is frequently misdiagnosed as intense pruritus (itching of healthy skin) before papular eruptions form. Upon initial pruritus the burrows appear as small, barely noticeable bumps on the hands and may be slightly shiny and dark in color rather than red. Initially the itching may not exactly correlate to the location of these bumps. As the infestation progresses, these bumps become more red in color.

    Generally diagnosis is made by finding burrows, which often may be difficult because they are scarce, because they are obscured by scratch marks, or by secondary dermatitis (unrelated skin irritation). If burrows are not found in the primary areas known to be affected, the entire skin surface of the body should be examined.

    I advise you to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

  12. Hi i have problem my skin has a fishy smell when i spray perfume on it gives of this fishy smell,i have been to doctors(urologist)after i have a shower it still there pls help iam desperate.

  13. I’ll keep my comments ultra short. I also hope you’ll refrain from diagnosing me as D.O.P.
    Here’s our problem: My wife has bugs coming out of her body. Things like springtails, small basin flies, tiny larvae, and simply tons of other arthropod parts.

    This stuff comes out of her daily. We put it under a microscope at 40x to 60x and find bug parts mixed up with her derma and other skin debris. I have hundreds and hundres of photos.

    Her life is plain hell. After multiple dermatologists, allergists, infectious disease docs… and of course they psychiatrist, there’s been nothing to cure her. And most of the docs don’t want anything to do with looking at pictures or samples.

    Her skin is a mess. She’s constantly being stung and bitten. This has gone on for over a year. I’m out of options. Where do we go from here?

  14. JJ from Miami,

    I’m really sorry to hear about your wife’s suffering. It’s really knowledgeable and educationally-curious of you to examine the bugs under the mircoscope, and picture them. You just need to show those pics to a responsible doctor, and diagnosing will be a breeze because human parasites that are visible by the naked eyes are few, and thus identifying them by a specialist is pretty easy.

    I don’t realize how you get ignored like that by doctors in the US. In this very page, I’ve been hearing several quite disturbing stories about patients being ignored and mocked by their doctors!

    If the larvae come out of the anus, it might be Teniasis; Saginatum or Solium. I don’t have enough information about human parasites at present, though, so I’m might be mistaken.

    Just go to someone who would indeed listen to you and look at your pictures. That’s your only task for now; after that, I think the solution will be easy.

  15. Ive had a rash that started as a small somewhat circular area on my chest. I was wrestling alot at the time and assumed it to be ringworm. Under this assumption i was given mycostatin i believe? or another anifungal Rx. didnt really work out for me. Now it seems it might have spread to my back and shoulder blades rather extensively; HOWEVER,im an LPN at a nursing home which has had some frequent outbreaks of scabies, but the rash on my back is atypical to what i am seeing on residents at work dx’ed w/ scabies. i have the promethrin .5% cream and have treated twice now with some decrease in symptoms that only return over time.

    i guess this is my question. I have had some pretty marked hair loss in the last couple months, thinning from vertex to anterior of the scalp. im 27. can this be related to either fungal or scabies infestation? could i have had scabies or ringworm at a localized (4″ x 3″) area on my chest for two years?

    Maybe all of these questions are a bit much– to get to the point– can scabies or ringworm spread to the scalp and cause hairloss?

  16. Hi, AA Iowa, Welcome here!

    Scabies does not usually affect the head or scalp in adults, nor does it cause hair loss, in general. Plus, scabies rash is multiple and numerous, and causes severe itching and eruptions. You could not have lived easily – without serious side effects – with it for two years.

    On the other hand, Ringworm (Tinea) may affect the scalp (Tinea Capitis) and the trunk (Tinea Corporis) as a fixed-sized circular area, exactly as you decribe it. It’s a contagious disease that is transferred via skin-to-skin methods, and thus is very common among wrestlers. Ringworm of the scalp may cause baldness over time.

    So your history very likely points to Ringworm. Initially, the treatment would be antifungal drugs as the topical Miconazole and Clotrimazole. They are usually over-the-counter drugs. Terbinafine is highly effective for Ringworm of the trunk. As to Ringworm of the scalp, it’s difficult to treat, and you may need to check with your doctor for best treatment regimen.

  17. Hi Mark,

    Hmm… as medical student, I do not believe in herbal drugs as much as I do in chemical drugs that were tested and systemized. In order for a drug to be medically valid, you need to know its exact efficacy, effects, side effects, toxicity, and how to treat the latter if it occurs because of an overdose, for instant. As long as herbal drugs do not get systemized this way, they won’t be of much value to medicine. They would be, moreover, more hazardous than useful.

  18. Hi,
    Please help me. I have rashes on my scalp, they do not itch but they are like pimple and with pus in it and when squeezed they bleed alot too. I do not know what to do, i have been to like four doctors and they always gives me some lotion or mixtures to use but they do not work at all.

    Please if anyone knows anything about this, i need your help.
    Thank you

  19. I need help! I have some kind of parasite that is eating me alive! i have sores all over arms, legs, and shoulders, and stomach,,, this started a lil over 3 mos ago with 2 itchy sores,.. Not sure where I go this. Was out in back yard one day after the first 2 sores on back of shoulder, and was spraying insecticide, and got some things out of shed, boxes with some old stuff in them and was going thru them and felt a flushing over chest, ,but figured it was just allergies to dust mites.. later that evening after showering, it got worse, and the lesions began forming, and some itching and biting feelings. I tried the head lice stuff thinking it might be scabies, but it did not phase them. I started researching internet, as it was getting worse, and tried different things, I tried garlic gelcaps, pricking them open and rubbing them onto the lesions,, and to my amazement,, eggs started coming out,, and a gluelike substance under the first layer of eggs,, then rubbing more uncovered another layer of eggs, after getting thru the next layer,, the garlic seemed to cut thru the g luelike stuff, got more eggs smaller in size & differnt color,, then glue stuff under thoe too,, rubbed more garlic and got thru another layer, and more eggs,, these smaller and white,, the smallest,, but was not able to find the actual parasite that laide them, or where it was burrowed at.. I could see the burrows in my skin,, and some of the lesions were completely round, and some were like a curve in them. One lesion,, I actually could see a worm just underneath the skin, which I scratched out and threw in garbage,, and bled like crazy it was glued to my skin so tightly & aso painful.. I went to dermatologist,, and she had no clue,, she took a biopsy,, but she took it on a mole instead of a lesion,, thats how smart she was! So,, nothing came back except for an irritated mole. I continued tyo fight this,, but they were winning,, yet I stil lcould not see what the actual parasite looked like,, only the lesions, ,and eggs.. Then another dermatologist, and he checked a few egg specimens I gave him
    and said it was cotton,, and referred me to a psychiatrist. Afterwards,, they invaded my mouth,, got inside my bottom lip,, I would rub garlic inside the bottom lip,, and lil white baby worm lookin things would come pouring out.. They hate garlic, ,whatever they are. It continued to get even worse,, they went further into my mouth to escape the garlic,, burrowed in between my gums and teeth,, I have had horrible toothaches,, I began rinsing with peroxide & water, and oregano oil,, which helped,, and I finally began to see them as they would come out into my mouth I couyld feel them, ,and scrape them out
    they were white, worm like with pointed beaks… Also on my body, ,after putting permathin all over my body and leaving it on for long time,, they began coming out of my skin, wormlike creatures,, with sharp beaks! no wonder they were able to burrow so well into my skin! Now,, I have continued to collect samples of the actual critters,, but I don’t know who to go to to diagnose what they are.. I am tryin to find a parasitologist to confirm what they are,, and prescribe what to take to kill t hem… I think it may be springtails,, since I saw a couple of photos that look very similiar to what these things look like, ,either the hypogastruridae or Isotomidae ones,, these both have the pointy beaks also.. but i need help to find a parasitologist, or someone who can help me kill these things before they kill me.. My house also is infested,, there is not a single room I can go in whererI feee lsafe.. I even got a small tent to sleep in to protect me from them,, but,, they got in there too… I don’t sleep much,, cuz thats when they get me, ,and I don’t eat much cuz its disgusting knowing they are in my mouth and I could swallow them with food.. Please help… I can’t take this much longer,, & I have tons of proof and evidence,, this is not a dellusion… I have collected samples from mouth, and body.. I can show what they look like,,, Just need someone who knows what they are and how to kill them to help me get rid of them. Please can you refer me to a parasitologist, or doctor who knows about this? Dermatologists have no clue. Thanks for your help. annie

  20. Are you living in a dwelling with water damage? In a dwelling with mold? Have you noticed an increase of what looks like moles on your skin? Do you live with cats?

  21. Annie–
    I would try an internal parasite cleanse. Fasting. Garlic caplets. Full diet make-over. I, too am suffering from an undiagnosed rash, lesions, itch that seems to set off if I scratch.
    God Bless you, honey

  22. Hey Annie,

    I feel very sorry for you. This shouldn’t be happening!! You have specimens that are definitely easy to be recognized by a professional. Where do you come from? There should be a health center nearby where they’d normally refer you to a Parasitologist. If this fails you, try to visit the nearest medical school and head up to the Parasitology department. They should be able to help.

    God bless.

  23. i also have all these symptoms with the moles that showed up on matter of days….i have never had moles, so i knew it was either a cancer or the burrows and of course after people trying to make me think im psychotic i still knew my body and mind well enough to know it was some sort of organism living off my body. my marks look like a spider bite…always 2 black dots like the fangs went in and came off when it stopped biting i had to dig kinda deep to get it out but seemed to always regenerate itsself back to the top, until i got a hard scrub brush, peroxide, alcohol, exfoliant body wash, nix lice shampoo, rid live shampoo, antibacterial soaps, lysol, off, raid, tilex, and some others and just tried to fry these love bugs (well they definately love me i know that)…but so ill never feel not loved…ugh anyways haha…i would heat tweezers till they scorched red then hold directly on them…BUT alwasy managed to hit the skin at the same time…so painful..but worth the death of these things…its alot easier to get them during or after a warm shower…also temperatures higher then body heat make them dormant or something..everytime i turned air down, i started getting it again…i honestly think my partner did this…i remember months ago when got the first bite, i was like omg its a spider, then another bite then abother…for a long time had marks all over just thinking the rest were ingrown hair..but then to my surprise i was infested after….i also seem to attract alot of hairs and fibers…its weird because you can burn a hair and it sizzles up, but when you burn one of the organisms it just frys and stays the same or brown …but looks the same…just pulled a tick off my dog…was HUGE…but i don’t think really i could have been infected that easy right? las vegas? and both of us and the dog? so i don’t know..ive been feeling pretty partner also has chronic cancer coughing alot now and bleeding more and my body just feels aweful…i do remember one night a while back b4 it started a concern is that i had a dilerious fever and sweat so bad and was so scared i was going to die in and out of sleep, i couldnt move and couldn’t comprehend what i was seeing etc. then i woke up in morening like it started to wear off like it didn’t not much hungry either. Now, my partner denies the whole situation and tells me its in my head when the same things happening to him. it hurts, he won’t go to doctor with me nor look at my skin, and when i speak of it, its a bad situation to say the very least…so on top of that its edging my relationship cause i think alot of symtoms revolved uround mental/emotional issues…on the other hand, im totally logical and calm. what scared me is today my right ear went def..i felt a crawling(as ALWAYS) around my side of head, then it went def and rang FOREVER, and its still not back to normal…my body parts go numb constantly and i have hardly no sex drive nor motivation to do anything, im so phobic to touch anything and take like 4 showers a day cause i want to try to exclude anything i touch or whatever to be the cause…im trying everything…ive been taking more vitamins and boost drinks witch have seemed to help my energy level which is depleting constantly thinking and fighting these predators. i even think its becoming worse due to my curious mind always dwelling on it…so i try not to make it worse with that, TRY i said, easier said then done, anyone who experiences this KNOWS!!!! but theres so much ive thought of, i don’t know, theres still millions of different things with teh same symptoms,sort of…but there are pharot flies out my window, the exterminator said (well all 4 of them)…but its only my partner and I, noone else in the house has it…but i didn’t start feeling it till along time after him. then his went away and mine came on strong, then we would get this at the same time like we were being attacked by billions of organisms at once i even got out of the Holiday Inn bed and saw blood spots everywhere….but NO bedbugs and nothing to be found…ive picked out brown mole burrows, understatement: i violently chizzled them out, and still didn’t manage to complete the job…but was so horrible when i just got a few on my face…so embarrassing cause of course i couldn’t help but to want them out of my face.,..ended up with few large holes that are becomming all healed..but seems the scar carries the little white larva under them…when i scratch or itch one, seems it wakes a bunch more, like domino effect, then its shower time and you can imagine how often i pick how many showers i usually feel i need…so alot of water vitamens, a healthy diet may scare them off, but seems right after i eat im empty but not hungry, just stomach gargles and the usual physical hungry junk……ive used lighters, torches tweezers, pliars, knives, scissors, fingernail clippers, and needles and anything else i can find as a tool for my self inflicted surgery removal methods…founds fingernail clippers work well being you don’t ahve to rip off, u just snap off, oh yes and don’t forget i now made bounty bankrupt for using billions of there papertowls for the blood quicker picker upper and what now…sorry, gross…but ive managed to keep my skin well after digging burning and everything…doesn’t seem to come back obvious…just some scaring that fades pretty quick..except for hte ones under my hip on my thigh where i have some thin skin from gymnastics my whole life…well ive lost weight and don’t have a tan anymore and just want them to go away…i will find something im sure to scare them off…oh, im sure if i can get rid of myself, should be farly more easier to get rid of them…cause if its not, im sure they will be the end of me…its become my only daily priority…to not feel them ever…and its a constant battle..i love all of u going through this cause i know what you feel and may whatever god or higher spirit you confide in, im sure we will all be healed one day!!! just will keep praying for the world of victims like this….well i could write a book honestly, but just confuses me hte more i try to unwind the puzzle…so thanks for listening, i know it makes up for the loss of concern the love of my life lacks for me 🙂

  24. Hello, I am now in Sana’a, Yemen and have just come from Nairobi, Kenya. I thought I had scraped myself behind the leg in Nairobi, but there is a growing rash on the back of my thigh and the back of my calf. In each location there are two red parallel lines running perpendicular across my leg (and growing) with the center several bubbly white (weeping spots). It is itchy and sore. There is also a new line growing vertical along my knee, and a smaller line on my shoulder. Did I drink bad water? Is this a worm(s)? EW! I don’t know what to do and don’t want to see a doctor here in Yemen! Are there antibiotics I can find at a pharmacy!

  25. hi i need to know information on a pimple like bump red becomes infected and starts small looks like at first an ant bite it gets bigger red bumps becomes very sensitive hurts real bad and it spreads its on from one arm to the other and legs please help me a.s a. p should i have my cousin go to the hospital thank you

  26. Hello, these comments are very interesting. I have been dealing with “folliculitis” for several months. What has amazed me is the lack of curiosity in the dermatology profession. The 70 year old diagnosis of Delusionary Parasitosis is clouding their brains. It is the biggest lie in the dermatology and psychology medical profession. At some point I realized I was on my own to figure this skin problem out. Fortunately I found help online in a forum and did some of the things “Sam”, “Bitten”, “Mary” and many others suggested. Getting Ivermectin has been a life saver for me. Ordered online from a canadian pharmacy. I realize my condition has been anything but a textbook presentation but I think I will never trust doctors again to have a cure for my condition as their goal. I have been extremely disappointed in the dematology profession. These needs to be a specialty for those with a sense of curiosity about parasites. Maybe access to an electron microscope would be the ultimate office feature! What a waste of money my condition has been to my employer, insurance company and my family. Yes,I’m glad I don’t have something that will end my life. But I wish I was not so easily shrugged off. I will tell you it is possible to have a sore on your scalp and through it get a parasite that seems to travel and reproduce with activity at night and mild skin signs. It has been in my sinus, ears, scalp and behind my eye also knees and feet and thank God for Ivermectin. Higher doses than recommended have been getting results. The meds the derm rx did only a little the one round of Ivermection Rx by the derm did a great deal of good but it wasn’t enough. I get little beige soft round sacs, sugar size, and get salt size black things and sometimes red salt grain size debris. All this is very boring to my spouse. It’s nice to vent.

  27. Hi, I was wondering if any of you could help me figure out what this is, I just recently developed a puffy line that runs across my lower back, it is a reddish color and less than a cm in width and goes on for a couple inches from one side of my spine to the other, there are also a few higher up on my back; they dont seem to cause any pain or itching, but recently my lower back muscles have started to hurt after extended excersize which never happened before. My parents thought it was probably just an irritated bug bite, but we’ve tried putting ointment and the like on it and it wont go away. I’ve had it for about 3-4 weeks now. It doesn’t cause any pain or itching, except for when my back starts to hurt in the same area when exersizing alot, does anyone know what it might be?

  28. Hello and thank you in advance for your time.

    During the night I am awakened by a puffing “out” of air from my mouth. Each time I find a raised line inside my mouth. By mid day the line disappears but not completely. Toward the back of the cheek (near the throat) it is still raised.

    This didn’t stat until after a visit to my dentist and I initially thought the puffing was from the materials used in the dental work. Now, however, I am concerned this is a parasite.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this?

  29. Aaorn,

    Consult your doctor.


    This is could be a form of a membranous inflammation in the throat, not necessarily caused by a parasite.

    You must check with your doctor.

  30. My daughter was diagnosed with pinworms this week. There are four people in the home and she was the only one treated. About the time she said she was infected, I have had acute chronic eczema all over my body. I’ve never had it like this before, not in 40 years. I asked the PA-C if the eggs from the pinworms could be causing the outbreaks, and she says no, it’s just a bad allergy season. I was miffed that one, she really did not consider my claims, and two, the entire family was not treated for the pinworms. I really think the pinworms eggs have conributed to my eczema, although I nor my other children have any other symptoms. Is there anything over the counter I could take to see if it works? Thanks.

  31. Well, I’m sorry for this. But may be she’s right.

    You can try any anti-allergic/anti-inflammatory lotion cream (containing prednisolone/dexamethasone/..etc). Just ask for such lotion. Maybe it’s a simple allergy.

  32. I can’t believe what I am reading. There are other people who are suffering the same as I. I can relate to most of the writings especially Annie’s who’s sounds so “far-out” there and yet I suffer similiar symptoms. I have been suffering from intense head itch, foul odor coming from my scalp and washing “worm like” things out of my hair. I also have been saving many samples and much of what I have saved compares to the photos of collembola and ear-wigs. I have also seen my primary physician who ran blood tests and all came back fine. I think he thought I was alittle looney too, but he then referred me to a dermatologist. My appointment was three months in waiting. In the meantime, I went to two nearby hospitals (about a month apart) to their emergency room only to be dismissed with a prescription for some lotion to rub on my head and orders to see a dermatologist. My dermatologist gives me sample shampoos to take home after he injects my head with cortisone. He does about 8-10 little shot stabs throughout my scalp. It hurts – but the payoff is great…….for only about a week. Then all is back to normal – – – -sensations and bug parts as usual. Really, my story is similiar to Annie’s but probably not as severe. I am desperate though. I am depressed and I do feel a sense of doom and dispair. I havn’t found anyone who could really help me get to the root of the problem and kill these little bastards that are ruining my life. I have lost much of my hair. I wear a synthetic hair clip to help cover all the bald spots. I was vibrant, felt confident and attractive and now I have a hard time with normal daily activity, embarrassed for anyone to see my hair and embarrassed for anyone to smell the odor coming from my head. After I shower, the clean smell is only there for a few hours until the foul odor returns. I feel stuck. I don’t know what else to do and I don’t know of any professional who can help me with this. I have done much research and I am well aware of the delisionary parasite sickness. I wish it were that easy. At least there would be a solution as far as getting help for a mental disorder. But this is real, this is very much real. If anyone has a good connection to a professional who is well versed in this area, please please email me at Thank you.

  33. hello i came across this site while im also a victim of horrible docters lieing , telling my boyfriend im crazy , trying to lock me up becuse im coverd in red bumps with white things in zig zaga an holes of black crusted gew
    ( mite poop) i was coverd in them an went to my docter who said its a fle bite ? but my records say i was coverd in a rash by the nurse who even said oh my god ” u have scabies ” but my doc refused me treatment an im already disabled an sick all the time low amune system an in a week i was coverd by 50 an was up for days with out sleep crying over an over from ther bites an pain an my boyfriend even had to scrape them off with a thin razor nife ” white pearly nasty dots with hairs an under a scope even worse ” i went thru a grady derm clinic that lied to my face ” my back was coverd in scabs an infections an mites eating my skin away ” i looked it up an my back was so bad it even had gray scabs piled up severe norweigen scabies an they said it was my imagenation , i did it ” i scrached myself ? im disabled i cannot reach my back an my friends all seen the white things an by 6 months i was now showing holes by the 100 all over me ” i finally collasp an was rushed to the er again for the 12th time ” a infection dease docter seen me an said oh my god ” i was admitted an was coverd in toxic lotions ,plus gave 10 ivermection a day an by 4 days my scab an things were all comming out an the nurse scraped my back ” my arms my belly , my megs & sides ” piles of rotten skin an scabs fell off ” i was put on pain meds an xanax for my hystereha an nerves ( i had a heart attack from the stress an the mites got up my nose in my lungs ” eat inside my nose ” its almost a year an i still get 2 or 3 bites a week but im on ivermecten dose again an lotions ” an coverd in dead skin an scars like beehive holes all over ” ill never beable to wesr a swin suit , shorts or short sleeves unless i get skin treatments , an peels ” some 3 to 5 layers of skin were eating away on my back so i have caved in holes an deep pits were long egg sacs were stuck inside my back with 1000 eggs ” my new save my life docter said i was coverd in 1000’000`s of the mites i could have died ( i am allergic to them an dust mites an any bug for that matter ” im sueing the 3 places who mis trweated me an the docters who mis dig no me

  34. parasites are the cause of ALOT of illnesses, the only facility that has knowledge of parasites is in Temple Arizona, is this sad or what,this is the only place where you can go and they can fine any kind of parasite living in your body, the only one in the states, so if your skin is itching real bad, or you have stomach cramps,or weakness in the muscles, these parasites can live in your organs for years, I pulled up so much research on these critters it makes me sick to my stomach, whats even worse is that our doctors in other states don’t even have a clue in the months to come how much of an epidemic this is going to become, its not just in the third world countries, its all over…so to all the Doctors out there I think you need to get more educated on PARASITES, from experience I came in contact with round worm, and pin worm, other name nematode,I don’t know how or where but I tell you now the pin worm is hard to get rid of because they get in the folds of your skin…
    I tried almost every thing and still have trouble its worse when your an adult………

  35. i have had worms or parasites for years. of course yhe doctors don’t believe me. went to a nutritionist & she did a special blood test, & they were there. she took pictures but the doctors don’t want to look at them. i’m most definetly not crazy. my friend has seen the twichings & felt them. iv’e taken nerve & muscle tests, but they were negative. the doctor’s won’t send you to parasitologist unless they get results in stool & blood samples. there’s turn out negative. the nutritionist’s blood test found them. where does a desparate person find a parasitologist without a doctor’s reccomendation? i don’t do drugs & am totally sane can you help me?

  36. Thank God!!!I thought I was the only one going through this. I do renovations and it all started(I think) with the bites of a very tiny white creature(could this have been a springtail?) I was under the impression it bit me, but there have been other ocassions where I noticed a white tiny thing ,except, this time Im pretty sure it bore or dissolved into my skin!! Anyway I would get sensations like there were things crawling around the bottoms of my feet, always while working on a wood floor or after removeing lenoleum flooring around toilet. I was also exposed to the variety of things inside a shop-vac filter upon cleaning it. I smacked it against a wood railing outside and 1000’s of these translucent “orbs” flew on my skin,down my throat, and into my lungs. It hurt as the ones that were on my skin also entered my skin and I swear “they looked like tiny white worms. I have passed what appear to be worms in my stool. The parrasit/ova test were negative. So I have feared that the things looking like worms in my stool, may be actual intestine! I have had the sensation of things moving inside my skin as well as on it. This has caused me great strain as I deteriorate slowly, both phsically and mentaly. Can a stool and skin test for parasites reveal one and the same or can one be neg. and another be pos. Please help anybody who would be willing to seriously help me as i am not nuts but this is causing problems as now my landlord is feeding off of the fact that i cant find any support. Since I was working for him and told him i have a serious problem, not only has he not supported me with job, now he threatens eviction. My breathing has gone downhill, and sometimes my sweat has a sour smell to it as well. Areas that i think something is moveing across on my body bead up with sweat and then dry to a salt residue like. I was wondering if there is a possibility that mold too could play a part? please help, I dont know who to see as far as a dr and i get the impression my dr is about to 302 me. Never in my life has any thing like this happened now its been 2 monthes.

  37. My problem is similar, about 8 years ago I was bitten by a tiny insect while sitting on the toilet at work. I couldn’t see it but flet it crawling on my skin. I felt the burning after the bite like that of an ant. I used alcohol to wash the area, that gave me some relief, but not for long as the itching soon began to get worse, it was and is still so intense that I can not help scratching, even in public. Over the years I noticed at first that the area soon dimpled as if something was just under the very top layer of the skin. Occasionally there would also be movement like stretching and curling or sometimes trembling. The itching intensified especially at nights; when I spoke to my doctors they would give me cotizone for the itching and a worm medicine (zentel brand) for the insect, thinking it could be a worm. This did not help. As the years progressed, the insect has grown and has now changed from that wormlike stage to a hard insect with either horns or jaws that feels at first like a burr under the skin that would pierce me when I lean against anything like the back of a chair or seat. It now crawls around to different ares on my back and sides along my ribs, bracing against the skin like a baby in the womb would. Recently I have noticed that during the months of October to January of the next year (winter months) I do not feel any movement, though the itching would still be there and intensify at night. This insect is now cutting through the layers of skin and getting deeper into my body causing me much pain and discomfort. This cutting has gotten worse in the past 2 months. My doctor now does not believe me at all when I complain, as he cannot see any sign of irritation on the skin or any dimpling, that would indicate that there is anything there. What do i do. I am so uncomfortable and worried I hardly ever sleep any more. HELP ME!!! SOMEONE. What could this thing be? How do I get rid of it?

  38. My 11 year old daughter started complaining about a serios back ache 2 days ago. The next day her back still hurt but later in the day she said she felt like her ankle was broken but her back felt better. I wrapped her ankle with an ace bandage and she said it helped. We were driving in the car, hit a bump and she said it felt broken again. This morning she woke up feeling ok at first then her ankle started to hurt again and she started to complain about an itchy bite. I’ve never seen anything like it. It is two parallel lines of about 5 bumps, total about three quarters of an inch long. Could all of these simptoms be related? Has anyone seen a bite like this? Thanks, K.

  39. Kathleen,

    You should check with your doctor. A clinical examination needs to be done before one can say if those symptoms are related or not.

    Good Luck.

  40. Hi: About a month ago, I wrote into this forum (I’m no. 48 – Iglo2) about my symptoms and how my quality of life has diminished as a result of the “parasites” found on my scalp and the loss of hair. I was desperate. I want to share with all of you to please please check with your dentist and find out what sealants were used in previous dental work. It is extremely important and there is a link between these skin problems we are all suffering and with the “parasites & insects” we are finding on our bodies. I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Amir Amen who is the founder of a Parasite Institute in Tempe, AZ. I am blessed that his office was in the same city I live in. A new disorder or disease has been linked to the dental sealants used to repair our teeth.If you have an allergy to Sulfa drugs and you are suffering these wierd bug sensations, chances are you are suffering from NCS. Please educate youreslf and go to and read up on how dental sealants and collembola and other parasites are related. I believe this is our first step to a remedy. A real remedy. Not just treating symptoms – BUT A 100% resolution to this nightmare. I hope that this information changes your life back to normal. I can’t personally attest to this because I meet with Dr. Amin just yesterday and I will be starting my protocol this week. I will update in a few months. It will take time to detox my body and have the dental rehabilitation done. So please please read about this disorder and check your dental records especially if you are allergic to sulfa. Good luck!

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